Jesse D Hennessee & Children.
Photo taken in McMinnville, Tennessee, circa 1928

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I hope you will find something new for your records. Much of this information relates to the families who settled DeKalb, Van Buren, Warren & White counties, Tennessee as early as 1800. Some blood-lines are traced to the nobility and royalty of Great Britain and in some cases to William the Conqueror...

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Now you will see a list of your ancestors and their children with notes and commentary.

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David Alden Hennessee


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Publisher of this website. I have collected, compiled, cited or sourced the information cited since 1989.

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There is a lot of information on this website for your discovery.

A sampling of the statistics are:

Persons: 53,431
Total Living: 6,232
Total Males: 27,114
Total Females: 25,902
Families: 25,902
Unique Surnames: 6,278
Sources: 26,839
Source Citations: 161,722
Notes: 45,025
Locations: 12,896
Photos: 1,658
Events: 152,654
Records: 1,426,970

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An explanation for the use of parentheses():

- its use implies an educated guess, not a certainty, i.e., "(Warren County) Tennessee" is to be read as "Warren County" is the likely county and "Tennessee", without parens is the source-cited state, etc. &

I collect data, cite its source and suggest the reader compare with their own research. I complile and thereby offer confirming or conflicting information for the reader. I am always glad to stand corrected. It is not my intention to present my compilations as "gospel", complete and without error.

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The "Old Hennessee Cemetery" is located in Warren County, Tennessee

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