Emma of Normandy, Queen consort of England

Emma of Normandy, Queen consort of England

Female ~985 - 1052


Emma receiving the Encomium, in The Encomium Of Queen Emma, British Library MS 33241.

Queen consort of England
Tenure 1002 – summer 1013
3 February 1014 – 23 April 1016
July 1017 – 12 November 1035
Queen consort of Denmark
Tenure 1018 – 12 November 1035
Queen consort of Norway
Tenure 1028 - 12 November 1035
Born c.?985
Died 6 March 1052 (aged 66–67)
Winchester, Hampshire, England
Burial Old Minster, Winchester. Bones now in Winchester Cathedral
Spouse Æthelred the Unready
Cnut the Great
Issue with Æthelred
Edward, King of England
Goda, Countess of Boulogne
Alfred Ætheling
with Cnut
Gunhilda, Holy Roman Empress
House Normandy
Father Richard the Fearless
Mother Gunnora
Religion Roman Catholicism

Emma fleeing England with her two young sons following the invasion by Sweyn Forkbeard (1013). Detail of a 13th-century miniature (Fugit emma regina cum pueris suis in normanniam cum pueris suis ut ibidem a duce patre suo protegatur).

Queen Emma and her sons being received by Duke Richard II of Normandy. Cambridge University Library.

Mortuary chest from Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, England. This is one of six mortuary chests near the altar in the Cathedral, this one purports to contain the bones of Cnut and his wife Emma, along with others

The Ordeal of Queen Emma by William Blake.

Emma of Normandy

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