Alfred the Great, King of Wessex

Alfred the Great, King of Wessex

Male 849 - 899  (50 years)


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31st and the  33rd through the 40th great grandfather of the grandchildren of Vernia Elvia Swindell:

Statue of Alfred the Great by Hamo Thornycroft in Winchester, unveiled during the millenary commemoration of Alfred's death.

A map of the route taken by the Viking Great Heathen Army which arrived in England from Denmark, Norway, and southern Sweden in 865.

King Alfred's Tower (1772) on the supposed site of "Egbert's Stone", the mustering place before the Battle of Edington.

A coin of Alfred, king of Wessex, London, 880 (based upon a Roman model).
Obv: King with royal band in profile, with legend: ÆLFRED REX "King Ælfred"

Map of Britain in 886

A map of burhs named in the Burghal Hidage.

Alfred's Will

Alfred the Great, King of the Anglo-Saxons (849-899)

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