Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 52.3555177, Longitude: -1.1743197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aton, Katherine  Aft 1340Yorkshire, England I53710
2 Aumale, Agnes  ~1120Yorkshire, England I51016
3 Bethell, William  1628-1640Yorkshire, England I21491
4 Clarell, Thomas Sir  Bef 1368Yorkshire, England I37553
5 Dacre, Joan  1283Yorkshire, England I45431
6 de Askeby, Gilbert  0___ 1205Yorkshire, England I35694
7 de Bolling, William  1165Yorkshire, England I50913
8 de Gand, Alice  ~1120Yorkshire, England I50274
9 de Gyrlyngton, Lord Waleran Lord of Gyrlyngton-juxta-Wycliffe  0___ 1058Yorkshire, England I35555
10 de Gyrlyngton, Waleran  0___ 1154Yorkshire, England I35615
11 de Neville, Margaret  ~1235Yorkshire, England I43111
12 de Salkeld, Margaret  Abt 1331Yorkshire, England I35535
13 Gambling, Elizabeth  0___ 1601Yorkshire, England I37560
14 Girdler, John  0___ 1502Yorkshire, England I31865
15 le Vavasour, Lady Maud Baroness Butler  24 Jun 1176Yorkshire, England I47694
16 LNU, Sarah  0___ 1729Yorkshire, England I33167
17 Mare, Olivia  ~1193Yorkshire, England I53796
18 Mayes, Lt. Col. Henry  1624Yorkshire, England I33030
19 Middleham, Ralph  ~1218Yorkshire, England I51011
20 Mitchell, Allisia Doliffe  1575Yorkshire, England I54260
21 Naylor, George The Immigrant  1654Yorkshire, England I35234
22 Newsham, Thomas  ~ 1223Yorkshire, England I46036
23 Plumpton, Margaret  !1324Yorkshire, England I53310
24 Plumpton, Sir Robert II  1262-1268Yorkshire, England I46285
25 Rookes, Anne  0___ 1524Yorkshire, England I32832
26 Savile, Sir John Knight, 1st Baron Savile of Pontefract  1556Yorkshire, England I35881
27 Scrope, Sir Richard 3rd Baron Scrope  1393Yorkshire, England I50009
28 Selby, Christopher  ~1320Yorkshire, England I53309
29 Vavasour, Margaret  1386Yorkshire, England I50511
30 Warde, Joanna  0___ 1304Yorkshire, England I43107
31 Warde, William  ~1230Yorkshire, England I43110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Babthorpe, Sir William Knight  1 May 1581Yorkshire, England I35687
2 Belasyse, Sir Thomas Knight,1st Viscount Fauconberg  18 Apr 1653Yorkshire, England I37062
3 Bellingham, Alan  7 May 1577Yorkshire, England I35474
4 Bethell, Richard  ~1641Yorkshire, England I21487
5 Calverley, Joan  1516Yorkshire, England I37385
6 Cateryke, Elizabeth  Aft 1482Yorkshire, England I35638
7 Clarell, Thomas Sir  1 May 1442Yorkshire, England I37553
8 de Brus, SIr Robert 1st Lord of Annandale  11 May 1142Yorkshire, England I46692
9 de Gyrlyngton, Lord Waleran Lord of Gyrlyngton-juxta-Wycliffe  0___ 1094Yorkshire, England I35555
10 de Middleton, Peter  1336Yorkshire, England I50031
11 de Neville, Margaret  ~1300Yorkshire, England I43111
12 Fairfax, Margaret  1571Yorkshire, England I37056
13 FitzRanulph, Lady Mary Heiress of Middleham  11 Apr 1320Yorkshire, England I43117
14 Foljambe, Margaret  Bef 1403Yorkshire, England I51769
15 Gisburn, Alice of  ~5 Dec 1423Yorkshire, England I45147
16 Hamerton, Lawrence Esquire  Bef 27 Jun 1449Yorkshire, England I35710
17 Hastings, Sir John 5th Baron Morley, 9th Baron Hastings  Aft 9 Apr 1477Yorkshire, England I35883
18 Heslarton, William  Yorkshire, England I2389
19 Lawson, Mary Elizabeth  1734Yorkshire, England I51306
20 Mare, Olivia  ~1254Yorkshire, England I53796
21 Meynell, Robert  1523-1528Yorkshire, England I52073
22 Newsham, Thomas  0___ 1264Yorkshire, England I46036
23 Norton, Margaret  7 Jan 1464Yorkshire, England I37261
24 Pasliew, Jane  ~1612Yorkshire, England I37392
25 Plantagenet, Lady Joan Baroness Mowbray  7 Jul 1349Yorkshire, England I43830
26 Plumpton, Sir Robert II  1325-1326Yorkshire, England I46285
27 Sandford, Dorothy  Yorkshire, England I35475
28 Sandford, Edmund  0___ 1518Yorkshire, England I35522
29 Sandford, Thomas  0___ 1564Yorkshire, England I35520
30 Sandford, William  Bef 1511Yorkshire, England I35524
31 Savile, John (VII)  Bef 1481Yorkshire, England I46177
32 Singleton, Elizabeth  1566-1569Yorkshire, England I41314
33 Thornhill, Sarah  Yorkshire, England I53794
34 Warde, Sir Simon  ~1306Yorkshire, England I43108
35 Warde, William  ~JULY 1266Yorkshire, England I43110
36 Willoughby, Lady Margery Baroness of Ravensworth  Bef 1453Yorkshire, England I32437
37 Wyman, Joan  0___ 1421Yorkshire, England I37550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Greene, Gabriel  9 Apr 1598Yorkshire, England I32803

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Barden, John Ellis  0___ 1320Yorkshire, England I45495
2 Deville, Joan  Bef 9 Jul 1324Yorkshire, England I44755


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 de Gyrlyngton, Waleran  Abt 1167Yorkshire, England I35615
2 Rookes, Anne  0___ 1534Yorkshire, England I32832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Curwen, Sir Henry MP  31 Jan 1597Yorkshire, England I35553
2 Willoughby, Lady Margery Baroness of Ravensworth  22 Oct 1452Yorkshire, England I32437


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bolling / Greene  Yorkshire, England F12013
2 Bradley / Damton  ~1652Yorkshire, England F13220
3 de Gyrlyngton / spouse  Yorkshire, England F13107
4 de Gyrlyngton / spouse  Yorkshire, England F13110
5 Gascoigne / Symonds  Abt 1532Yorkshire, England F14933
6 Girlington / Hansard  1528Yorkshire, England F13120
7 Percy / Clifford  1314Yorkshire, England F15717
8 Woodmansey / Bufcot  4 Nov 1577Yorkshire, England F14713