Paulding County, Georgia


Latitude: 33.9142037, Longitude: -84.8984775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clonts, Absolom Shelby  22 May 1870Paulding County, Georgia I10741
2 Clonts, Charles Roy "Big Daddy"  8 Sep 1891Paulding County, Georgia I9686
3 Clonts, Charles Wesley  31 Aug 1854Paulding County, Georgia I9666
4 Clonts, Eunice Amanda  13 Nov 1900Paulding County, Georgia I9786
5 Clonts, Frances Lillian  6 Dec 1898Paulding County, Georgia I9785
6 Clonts, George Brannam  28 Mar 1894Paulding County, Georgia I9783
7 Clonts, J. W.  1876Paulding County, Georgia I9893
8 Clonts, Jacob Frank  14 Dec 1903Paulding County, Georgia I9668
9 Clonts, Jacob Henry  13 Sep 1872Paulding County, Georgia I10742
10 Clonts, James Grady   I15535
11 Clonts, John  C. 1900Paulding County, Georgia I9667
12 Clonts, John Emmettt  19 Sep 1889Paulding County, Georgia I9782
13 Clonts, John Quillian  28 Dec 1859Paulding County, Georgia I9665
14 Clonts, Louie Cordelia  9 Feb 1868Paulding County, Georgia I10740
15 Clonts, Martha C.  11 Jan 1866Paulding County, Georgia I10739
16 Clonts, Nellie May  5 May 1896Paulding County, Georgia I9784
17 Clonts, Roland Asbury  1 Aug 1894Paulding County, Georgia I15533
18 Clonts, Thomas Boyd  26 Mar 1888Paulding County, Georgia I9781
19 Clonts, W. A.  1877Paulding County, Georgia I9894
20 Clonts, William Thomas  12 Feb 1860Paulding County, Georgia I9683
21 Clonts, Willie Clyde  26 Jul 1899Paulding County, Georgia I26910
22 Clontz, Frances Samantha  1846Paulding County, Georgia I9633
23 Clontz, Jacob P(ierce)  1855Paulding County, Georgia I9890
24 Clontz, Luceriah R.  30 May 1866Paulding County, Georgia I9048
25 Clontz, Mary Emily  1854Paulding County, Georgia I9046
26 Clontz, Samuel Wesley  11 Jun 1843Paulding County, Georgia I9043
27 Clontz, Sarah Ellen  1848Paulding County, Georgia I9634
28 Clontz, Thomas Jefferson  0___ 1863Paulding County, Georgia I9047
29 Cooper, Eula V.  26 Aug 1894Paulding County, Georgia I15534
30 Duncan, Florence Elizabeth  25 Mar 1868Paulding County, Georgia I7244
31 Duncan, Fred Myrick  Paulding County, Georgia I9880
32 Duncan, John Howard  Paulding County, Georgia I9877
33 Duncan, Mary Edith  Paulding County, Georgia I9879
34 Duncan, Thomas Franklin  Paulding County, Georgia I9876
35 Duncan, William Callaway  Paulding County, Georgia I9878
36 Florence, Boyd  21 Sep 1897Paulding County, Georgia I9790
37 Jones, Elizabeth Vienna  Paulding County, Georgia I15532
38 McCurdy, John L.  Abt 1841Paulding County, Georgia I41487
39 McLarty, Martha Deborah  12 May 1867Paulding County, Georgia I9685
40 Meek, Essie Mae  11 Dec 1892Paulding County, Georgia I9677
41 Meek, Lemuel Carter  20 May 1839Paulding County, Georgia I9676
42 Meek, William Asbury  29 Oct 1869Paulding County, Georgia I9678
43 Shelley, William Buell "Bill"  1 Mar 1906Paulding County, Georgia I21333
44 Taylor, Permelia "Mealy"  1869Paulding County, Georgia I9823
45 Taylor, Sarah "Sally"  1867Paulding County, Georgia I9822
46 Tidwell, G. B.  Paulding County, Georgia I11835
47 Tidwell, W(illiam) J. Jr.  1865Paulding County, Georgia I9820


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah P.  17 Jul 1923Paulding County, Georgia I9892
2 Brown, Frances Matilda  13 Feb 1913Paulding County, Georgia I22119
3 Clonts, Asbury Brown  15 Apr 1935Paulding County, Georgia I9681
4 Clonts, Charles Wesley  1 May 1917Paulding County, Georgia I9666
5 Clonts, Jacob M. "Jake"  5 Sep 1895Paulding County, Georgia I9664
6 Clonts, John Quillian  18 Nov 1937Paulding County, Georgia I9665
7 Clonts, Luceriah "Lucy"  17 Mar 1946Paulding County, Georgia I9684
8 Clonts, Rachel Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  2 Feb 1919Paulding County, Georgia I9675
9 Clonts, Thomas Boyd  10 Oct 1973Paulding County, Georgia I9781
10 Clonts, William Thomas  13 Jun 1902Paulding County, Georgia I9683
11 Clonts, Willie Clyde  11 Oct 1901Paulding County, Georgia I26910
12 Clontz, Absolom Brown "Little Brown"  15 Mar 1918Paulding County, Georgia I9632
13 Clontz, John Absolom  0___ 1889Paulding County, Georgia I9636
14 Clontz, John Green  18 Mar 1899Paulding County, Georgia I9041
15 Clontz, John Jacob  12 Jan 1894Paulding County, Georgia I9023
16 Clontz, Thomas Jefferson  0___ 1933Paulding County, Georgia I9047
17 Duncan, Florence Elizabeth  10 Jan 1923Paulding County, Georgia I7244
18 Estes, Ida  Aft 1939Paulding County, Georgia I11834
19 King, Fannie E.  29 Sep 1903Paulding County, Georgia I7176
20 Legett, Elias  Paulding County, Georgia I51885
21 McLarty, John Jackson  18 Feb 1895Paulding County, Georgia I22118
22 McLarty, Martha Deborah  6 Jan 1913Paulding County, Georgia I9685
23 Meek, Lemuel Carter  0___ 1922Paulding County, Georgia I9676
24 Passons, Major  0May 1905Paulding County, Georgia I47033
25 Shelby, Elizabeth "Betsey"  10 Sep 1892Paulding County, Georgia I9027
26 Stell, Rachel  2 Jan 1847Paulding County, Georgia I9045
27 Taylor, Hugh C.  1869Paulding County, Georgia I9821
28 Taylor, Permelia "Mealy"  Paulding County, Georgia I9823
29 Tidwell, W(illiam) J. Jr.  Aft 1939Paulding County, Georgia I9820
30 Varner, Luceriah  18 Mar 1899Paulding County, Georgia I9042
31 Varner, Mary Emily  21 Aug 1878Paulding County, Georgia I9674
32 Varner, Samuel  3 Apr 1839Paulding County, Georgia I9044

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Elizabeth Lucinda  7 Aug 1837Paulding County, Georgia I51881


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clonts /   C. 1875Paulding County, Georgia F3487
2 Clonts / Foote  21 Dec 1878Paulding County, Georgia F3817
3 Clonts / Jones  Paulding County, Georgia F5498
4 Tidwell / Estes  1889Paulding County, Georgia F4268