London, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 51.5202050, Longitude: -0.1379954


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine  Abt 1407London, Middlesex, England I26775
2 Archer, Bathsheba  0___ 1702London, Middlesex, England I32898
3 Atkynson, Jeromy  24 Oct 1541London, Middlesex, England I32908
4 Atkynson, Thomas  0___ 1513London, Middlesex, England I45895
5 Balliol, John I, King of Scots  ~ 1249London, Middlesex, England I45562
6 Baskerville, Grace  1511London, Middlesex, England I51403
7 Batten, Jane  ~ 1575London, Middlesex, England I32493
8 Beaufort, Eleanor Countess of Ormonde  1431London, Middlesex, England I37239
9 Bracewell, Robert Sr., The Immigrant  1611London, Middlesex, England I33358
10 Bulstrode, Phillipa  ~ 1464London, Middlesex, England I35776
11 Bulstrode, William  ~ 1449London, Middlesex, England I35777
12 Calvert, Anne  1 Apr 1607London, Middlesex, England I15570
13 Camp, Judith  0___ 1602London, Middlesex, England I27597
14 Carter, John The Immigrant  ~1622London, Middlesex, England I34141
15 Chamberlain, John Scott   I31413
16 Chaucer, Geoffrey  ~ 1343London, Middlesex, England I43920
17 Cheesome, Richard The Immigrant  1613London, Middlesex, England I34131
18 Clarke, Mary  0___ 1620London, Middlesex, England I32796
19 Cromwell, Gregory 1st Baron Cromwell  ~1520London, Middlesex, England I45299
20 Crouchback, Edmund Prince of England  16 Jan 1245London, Middlesex, England I37343
21 Denny, Edmund Knight  ~1457London, Middlesex, England I46213
22 Dingley, Joan  Abt 1472London, Middlesex, England I26779
23 Edwards, Katherine  0___ 1617London, Middlesex, England I31847
24 Edwards, Robert  0___ 1580London, Middlesex, England I31852
25 England, Matilda of Queen of England  7 Feb 1102London, Middlesex, England I37350
26 Ferris, Richard James  0___ 1596London, Middlesex, England I43320
27 Francis, Maud Countess of Salisbury  ~ 1370London, Middlesex, England I43455
28 Franklin, Joan  0___ 1445London, Middlesex, England I35778
29 Goddard, Grace  1480London, Middlesex, England I51412
30 Handforde, Hugh  11 Mar 1578London, Middlesex, England I32909
31 Handforde, William  0___ 1536London, Middlesex, England I32907
32 Hansford, Hugh  0___ 1618London, Middlesex, England I32911
33 Hansford, Richard I  28 Dec 1648London, Middlesex, England I32903
34 Hansford, Richard  0___ 1661London, Middlesex, England I32902
35 Izzard, Rebecca Jane  0___ 1614London, Middlesex, England I33359
36 Jenkes, Elizabeth  0___ 1510London, Middlesex, England I26783
37 Jenkes, William  Abt 1480London, Middlesex, England I26784
38 Long, Thomas  Abt 1657London, Middlesex, England I27822
39 Maxey, Edward  1674London, Middlesex, England I52546
40 Mayne, Elizabeth  Abt 1440London, Middlesex, England I26777
41 Mitchell, Mark  17 Jan 1756London, Middlesex, England I23820
42 Napier, Patrick The Immigrant  0___ 1634London, Middlesex, England I41170
43 Newman, John  ~1590London, Middlesex, England I33678
44 Newport, Molly  25 Mar 1585London, Middlesex, England I49488
45 O'Sheal, David The Immigrant  23 Jan 1690London, Middlesex, England I40401
46 Olive, Harriett 13th Baroness Windsor  30 Jul 1797London, Middlesex, England I49919
47 Patton, William  ~1510London, Middlesex, England I51400
48 Rich, Richard  Abt 1400London, Middlesex, England I26774
49 Rich, Richard  Abt 1470London, Middlesex, England I26778
50 Rich, Thomas  Abt 1432London, Middlesex, England I26776
51 Rishton, Thomas Jeffrey III  ~1575London, Middlesex, England I35868
52 Seymour, Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth  27 Jan 1825London, Middlesex, England I37016
53 Seymour, Horace Beauchamp  22 Nov 1791London, Middlesex, England I37074
54 Sloman, Mary Frances  ~1610London, Middlesex, England I40741
55 Smoot, Thomas  1571London, Middlesex, England I32492
56 Smoot, William Sr., The Immigrant  ~1597London, Middlesex, England I5540
57 Sparrow, Anne  Abt 1470London, Middlesex, England I35800
58 Sparrow, John  0___ 1440London, Middlesex, England I35801
59 Spencer, Albert Edward John 7th Earl Spencer  23 May 1892London, Middlesex, England I37019
60 Spencer, Edward John  24 Jan 1924London, Middlesex, England I37021
61 Vestal, William The Immigrant  1667London, Middlesex, England I51454
62 Wiseman, William Edward Sr.  2 Feb 1736London, Middlesex, England I4841


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Argentine, Elizabeth  0___ 1342London, Middlesex, England I43617
2 Atkynson, Jeromy  0___ 1580London, Middlesex, England I32908
3 Beaufort, Margaret Countess of Richmond and Derby  29 Jun 1509London, Middlesex, England I46924
4 Blewett, Agnes  1578London, Middlesex, England I53232
5 Blount, Walter KG, 1st Baron Mountjoy  1 Aug 1474London, Middlesex, England I37711
6 Blount, William Harrison  14 Apr 1471London, Middlesex, England I37713
7 Bolling, Robert  13 Nov 1639London, Middlesex, England I32797
8 Boteler, Elizabeth 4th Baroness Boteler of Wem  19 Jun 1411London, Middlesex, England I43917
9 Bulstrode, William  28 Dec 1478London, Middlesex, England I35777
10 Butler, Edmund Knight, Earl of Carrick  13 Sep 1321London, Middlesex, England I46064
11 Camp, Judith  London, Middlesex, England I27597
12 Cave, John I  0Nov 1657London, Middlesex, England I35571
13 Churchill, Winston Leonard  24 Jan 1965London, Middlesex, England I37036
14 Clarke, Mary  11 Nov 1648London, Middlesex, England I32796
15 Clifton, Katherine  1659London, Middlesex, England I52607
16 de Bosley, Richard  16 Sep 1307London, Middlesex, England I44814
17 de Quincy, Robert  0___ 1217London, Middlesex, England I46765
18 de Roet, Phillipa  June 1387London, Middlesex, England I43919
19 Denny, Edmund Knight  22 Dec 1520London, Middlesex, England I46213
20 Denny, Joyce  6 Apr 1560London, Middlesex, England I46186
21 Despencer, Isabel le Countess of Worcester  27 Dec 1439London, Middlesex, England I42618
22 Exile, Edward the  19 Apr 1057London, Middlesex, England I50584
23 FitzAlan, Richard Knight, 11th Earl of Arundel  21 Sep 1397London, Middlesex, England I42417
24 Handforde, Hugh  15 Dec 1644London, Middlesex, England I32909
25 Handforde, William  0___ 1583London, Middlesex, England I32907
26 Marshal, William Knight, 2nd Earl of Pembroke  6 Apr 1231London, Middlesex, England I43947
27 Mason, Francis  0Dec 1621London, Middlesex, England I32097
28 Neville, Dorothy  23 Mar 1608London, Middlesex, England I50803
29 Percy, Algernon Knight  13 Oct 1668London, Middlesex, England I49316
30 Rich, Richard  1464London, Middlesex, England I26774
31 Shetterden, Judith  ~1622London, Middlesex, England I53910
32 Sparrow, John  0___ 1516London, Middlesex, England I35801
33 Spencer-Churchill, Randolph Henry  24 Jan 1895London, Middlesex, England I37034
34 Strathbogie, John of 9th Earl of Atholl  7 Nov 1306London, Middlesex, England I50253
35 Talbot, Richard 4th Baron Talbot  7 Sep 1396London, Middlesex, England I37521
36 Tate, Bartholomew  Abt 1514London, Middlesex, England I41238
37 Tempest, Richard  0___ 1489London, Middlesex, England I45996
38 Troutbeck, Mary  29 Jun 1507London, Middlesex, England I46212
39 Valois, Catherine of Queen consort of England  3 Jan 1437London, Middlesex, England I46929
40 Verney, Ralph Knight, Lord Mayor of England  0Jun 1478London, Middlesex, England I46645
41 Waldegrave, James 2nd Earl Waldegrave  8 Apr 1763London, Middlesex, England I37070
42 Willoughby, Francis  16 Nov 1596London, Middlesex, England I36987


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Argentine, Elizabeth  0___ 1342London, Middlesex, England I43617
2 Clarke, Mary  11 Nov 1646London, Middlesex, England I32796
3 Devereux, Richard Knight  London, Middlesex, England I47452
4 Somerset, Lucy Baroness Latimer  London, Middlesex, England I43442

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Bulstrode, William  0___ 1440London, Middlesex, England I35777
2 Carter, John The Immigrant  1619London, Middlesex, England I34141
3 Denny, Edmund Knight  1461London, Middlesex, England I46213

Alt Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Death    Person ID 
1 Myles, Jane  1660London, Middlesex, England I34144
2 Patton, William  1571London, Middlesex, England I51400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Martin, Ellen  6 Dec 1651London, Middlesex, England I34996
2 Rich, Richard  London, Middlesex, England I26774


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Audley, Hugh de Knight, 1st Baron Audley of Stratton  London, Middlesex, England I43118
2 Babthorpe, William Knight of the Bath  London, Middlesex, England I35689
3 Ddu, Gwladus Princess of North Wales  London, Middlesex, England I46813
4 Harington, John Knight, 2nd Baron Harington  London, Middlesex, England I37172
5 Mynatt, Richard II, The Immigrant  1 Feb 1749London, Middlesex, England I32736
6 Pennington, William Knight, MP  London, Middlesex, England I53924
7 Scrope, John KG, 5th Baron Scrope of Bolton  London, Middlesex, England I50005


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Hyde  3 Sep 1660London, Middlesex, England F16636
2 Blount / Devereux  20 Dec 1605London, Middlesex, England F17083
3 Bolling / Clarke  1614London, Middlesex, England F12011
4 Bolling / Clarke  30 Nov 1640London, Middlesex, England F12010
5 Bracewell / Izzard  1649London, Middlesex, England F12249
6 Calvert / Mynne  22 Nov 1604London, Middlesex, England F5518
7 Marshal / England  23 Apr 1224London, Middlesex, England F15996
8 Seymour-Conway / Waldegrave  3 Apr 1786London, Middlesex, England F13660
9 Smoot / Batten  ~1595London, Middlesex, England F11877


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Charles / Spencer   F13635

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Carter / Myles  London, Middlesex, England F12532
2 Chaucer / de Burghersh  London, Middlesex, England F15985
3 de la Pole / de Norwich  London, Middlesex, England F16842
4 de Roet / spouse  London, Middlesex, England F15983
5 Verney / Pyking  0___ 1465London, Middlesex, England F17082