(Rutherford County) North Carolina



Latitude: 35.4280550, Longitude: -81.9349979


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frances  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I28241
2 Biggerstaff, Martha "Roxie"  1 Aug 1864(Rutherford County) North Carolina I30306
3 Blackwell, Anna  1778(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19501
4 Blair, Elizabeth  ~ 1770(Rutherford County) North Carolina I34799
5 Brooks, Nancy  13 Sep 1813(Rutherford County) North Carolina I14187
6 Buchanan, Nancy  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I7443
7 Byars, Abraham  3 Mar 1805(Rutherford County) North Carolina I34818
8 Byars, James  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I7729
9 Byars, Joel Blackwell  2 Nov 1800(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19468
10 Byars, Joseph II  Bef 1795(Rutherford County) North Carolina I34800
11 Byars, Martha  Aft 1810(Rutherford County) North Carolina I34820
12 Byars, Mary A.  1829(Rutherford County) North Carolina I13511
13 Byars, Sarah M.  3 Jan 1810(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19502
14 Capshaw, William  Abt 1739(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19452
15 Coleman, Richard  (~1700)(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19424
16 Dobbins, William  (CIRCA 1740)(Rutherford County) North Carolina I15474
17 Earle, Bennett  0___ 1772(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19428
18 Earle, Joshua  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19430
19 Earle, Margaret  0___ 1788(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19427
20 Earle, Pinckney  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19474
21 Earle, Susan "Suzy"  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19426
22 Earles, Harris  0___ 1803(Rutherford County) North Carolina I3817
23 Emery, James  0___ 1815(Rutherford County) North Carolina I48880
24 Ferree, Annie Lee  6 Mar 1888(Rutherford County) North Carolina I29931
25 Ferree, Birtsey M.  31 Mar 1882(Rutherford County) North Carolina I29930
26 Ferree, Charles Newton  17 May 1899(Rutherford County) North Carolina I29933
27 Ferree, Frank F.  0___ 1895(Rutherford County) North Carolina I29932
28 Ferree, Mertie Adelaide  10 Jul 1880(Rutherford County) North Carolina I29934
29 Fisher, Thomas  24 Feb 1805(Rutherford County) North Carolina I17464
30 Grosvenor, Margaret  ~ 1802(Rutherford County) North Carolina I34801
31 Harris, Mr.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19464
32 Hembree, Allen  0___ 1825(Rutherford County) North Carolina I48881
33 Hicks, Hillis  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19477
34 Ledbetter, Mrs.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19425
35 Lewis, David J.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19421
36 Lewis, Frances Roads  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19419
37 Lewis, Julius C.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19420
38 Lewis, Talioferro  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19422
39 LNU, Rebecca  1782(Rutherford County) North Carolina I3816
40 Magness, Eliza  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I4150
41 Magness, James  (~ 1785)(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4256
42 Magness, Patsy  1766(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19472
43 Magness, Robert  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I4149
44 Magness, Robert  (1805-1815)(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4264
45 Magness, Samuel  22 Aug 1817(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4263
46 Magness, Sarah  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19469
47 Magness, William  (~ 1795)(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4258
48 Magness, William M.  0___ 1825(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4152
49 McKinney, William  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19453
50 Philbeck, Mary  0Apr 1812(Rutherford County) North Carolina I14973
51 Phillips, FNU  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19454
52 Preston, John  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19473
53 Reynolds, Elizabeth  0___ 1815(Rutherford County) North Carolina I26431
54 Reynolds, Hamilton  0___ 1812(Rutherford County) North Carolina I22678
55 Robb, Thompson  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19467
56 Scoggins, Mr.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19438
57 Suttle, Silas Leroy  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19441
58 Toney, Daniel C(ecil)  20 Jul 1861(Rutherford County) North Carolina I30305
59 Walker, Elijah  10 Jan 1793(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19445
60 Walker, Elizabeth  1798(Rutherford County) North Carolina I7676
61 Walker, John  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I7677
62 Walker, Nancy  Abt 1789(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4145
63 Washburn, John  0___ 1779(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4265
64 Washburn, Rhoda Emily  0___ 1804(Rutherford County) North Carolina I39793
65 Watkins, Alfred M.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19460
66 Watkins, Amos  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19456
67 Watkins, David  0___ 1760(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19446
68 Watkins, Ellender  Abt 1765(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19451
69 Watkins, Esther  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19449
70 Watkins, Louisa  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19462
71 Watkins, Martha  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19459
72 Watkins, Mary  0___ 1798(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19457
73 Watkins, Nancy  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19450
74 Watkins, Nancy  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19455
75 Watkins, Philip  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19458
76 Watkins, Susan  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19461
77 Watkins, Temperance  2 Nov 1805(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19463
78 Webb, Coleman Buchanan  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19437
79 Webb, Elias  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19423
80 Webb, Henrietta  1799(Rutherford County) North Carolina I25539
81 Webb, Isaac  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19434
82 Webb, Jesse J.  0___ 1825(Rutherford County) North Carolina I25501
83 Webb, Jonathan  Aft 1771(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19433
84 Webb, Malinda  0___ 1827(Rutherford County) North Carolina I25502
85 Webb, Mary "Polly"  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19435
86 Webb, Sarah "Sally"  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19431
87 Webb, Susannah "Sucky"  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19436
88 Webb, William Jr.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I21136
89 Wilson, James  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I28240
90 Womack, Mary "Polly"  29 Mar 1812(Rutherford County) North Carolina I6442
91 Womack, Thomas  0___ 1794(Rutherford County) North Carolina I14974
92 Womack, William P.  0___ 1811(Rutherford County) North Carolina I15477
93 Wood, Mr.  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I19466


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Susanna  Aft JOHN(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19418
2 Buchanan, Nancy  Bef ELIAS(Rutherford County) North Carolina I7443
3 Coleman, Ursala Caroline  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I6885
4 Ferree, Birtsey M.  11 Jan 1970(Rutherford County) North Carolina I29930
5 Ferree, John M.  16 Jul 1903(Rutherford County) North Carolina I1222
6 Hennessee, William Stepto "Will"  27 Sep 1990(Rutherford County) North Carolina I1314
7 Laitimer, Mary  (Rutherford County) North Carolina I39709
8 LNU, Mary  Bef 1802(Rutherford County) North Carolina I7539
9 Magness, Perry Green Jr.  1785(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4144
10 Magness, William  6 May 1816(Rutherford County) North Carolina I4141
11 Mooney, Elizabeth Catherine "Katie"  0___ 1808(Rutherford County) North Carolina I25249
12 Reynolds, Hannah  Aft 1784(Rutherford County) North Carolina I5315
13 Suttle, Susannah  ~ 1817(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19440
14 Webb, Elias  Bef 1814(Rutherford County) North Carolina I19423

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Roberts, Sarah Marietta "Sally"  ~ 1792(Rutherford County) North Carolina I22552


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Green, Levi  1810(Rutherford County) North Carolina I25816


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackwell / Byars  1765(Rutherford County) North Carolina F6796
2 Blackwell / Doggett  1790(Rutherford County) North Carolina F6775
3 Blackwell / Watkins  ~1785(Rutherford County) North Carolina F10339
4 Blankenship / Whisnant  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F10124
5 Bowen / Hennessee  23 Jan 1959(Rutherford County) North Carolina F673
6 Byars / Blackwell  1802(Rutherford County) North Carolina F6797
7 Byars / Blair  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F12786
8 Byars / Walker  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F2912
9 Byars / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6781
10 Byars / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6784
11 Campbell / Hennessee   F672
12 Capshaw / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6776
13 Coleman / LNU  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6770
14 DePriest / Jackson  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F2570
15 Dobbins / Collins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F5486
16 Earles / LNU  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F1507
17 Elliotte / Magness  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F14409
18 Ferree / Hennessee  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F466
19 Green / Roberts  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F3300
20 Harris / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6780
21 Magness / Crowder  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F3302
22 Magness / Mooney  ~ 1775(Rutherford County) North Carolina F8934
23 Magness / Walker  10 Jul 1808(Rutherford County) North Carolina F1617
24 McFarland / Wilson   F10191
25 McKinney / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6777
26 Phillips / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6778
27 Robb / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6783
28 Scoggins / Webb  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6771
29 Scoggins / Webb  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6773
30 Watkins / Davis  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6779
31 Webb / Buchanan  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6772
32 Webb / Webb  cir 1782(Rutherford County) North Carolina F1705
33 Wilson /   (Rutherford County) North Carolina F10192
34 Womack / Goodson  22 Mar 1802(Rutherford County) North Carolina F1699
35 Womack / Webb  7 Nov 1811(Rutherford County) North Carolina F2883
36 Wood / Watkins  (Rutherford County) North Carolina F6782

Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID 
1 Magness / Walker  NC GROOMS'LIST(Rutherford County) North Carolina F1617